l 04.12.2024 l Our brand new video for our song ‘Scars’ is out!
l 08.03.2024 l So here we are, our 2nd EP ‘Scars’ is out! We worked on these five songs in 2022 and 2023, and we’ve been playing them live almost since we began the band. So it’s exciting that anyone who likes the band but couldn’t come across one of our shows yet, can now listen to this material. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Go to our ‘Music’ section, and/or grab your physical copy and enjoy!
| 02.06.2024 | Here is the second single from our EP ‘Scars’ out March 8. ‘A Thousand Dreams Away’ often holds your attention when we play it live, so we are glad that you can now listen to it whenever, wherever! It’s one of the only songs of ours to have this kind of momentum and energy. We wrote it to represent the will, the bittersweet fervor we must sometimes show to overcome events that rattle us but by which we refuse to be knocked down. Happy listening everyone!

| 01.22.2024 | Our new EP ‘Scars’ comes out March 8! It logically flows from ‘Leeches’ that was released in 2022. Leeches and scars, weaving a timeline and a causality between the themes of these two EPs. With ‘Scars’, we continued shaping our music, led by the search for some kind of balance between crushing heaviness, contemplative violence, epic melodies, hypnotic atmospheres sometimes bleak, sometimes radiant.

Matthieu Giordano from The Heavy Chronicles reviewed ‘Scars’, writing: ‘The trio’s music is getting more intense with the massive and dirty sound of this second EP. All heaviness and rage, more dislocated but still as refined, it’s Leeches’ gifted and careless little brother. More granular and much more in tune with its spontaneity and stoner origins, this second release turns all the knobs to 11.’

‘Scars’ is about things that leave a mark on us or hurt us forever, how we’re sometimes a part of it, and how we can assimilate these marks in order to grow. It deals with the path to healing, to a resignation that can be either sweet or sour. Another dizzying subject addressed in the EP is our vacuity and the unconscious efforts we deploy to be able to ignore it. We choose causes, fights to give our all to so we don’t feel the void, so we feel alive. There can therefore only be use in DOING things, fully submerging into them because they are our only reality.

We recorded ‘Scars’ in two sessions at the venue CCM John Lennon in our hometown of Limoges, helped by its kind team and our friend Laurent Bidana. We mixed it ourselves and the mastering was done by Karl Daniel Lidén. The EP will be released through F2M Planet, a local label self-managed by musicians. For the imagery of ‘Scars’, it also felt natural to call upon artist Frédéric Chhim, a photographer who shapes materials as well. Above is the EP’s cover he made for us.

We crossed Fred’s path while working on previous projects. In late 2022, as we were finishing up writing ‘Scars’, we realized that his recent works had a texture and a meaning that mirrored those of our EP. He was game to adapt his work to Greyborn: after an analog photo shoot, Fred printed our portraits onto slabs of clay, broke those into smaller pieces which he then rearranged and photographed again. We are very happy to feel a sort of resonance between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ of ‘Scars’. Check out Fred’s cool work here!

| 12.03.2023 | We had a lot of fun shooting the video for Ravenous last September, with our friends Tom Marchand who directed it and Kathleen Missud who helped with her sharp eye and shot this behind the scenes footage. We had her shoot the whole time but the drive containing the files unfortunately died, and of course we didn’t have a backup save… so here are some images from Kathleen’s personal reserve, depicting one evening of shooting.
We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did making the video!